Fabrice Roisné-Hamelin

Technical game designer


Welcome to my portfolio. Let me introduce myself, Fabrice-Roisné-Hamelin, technical game designer, 5th year student at Supinfogame Rubika.

My resume

Game design

My main concern is UX, I like to work on gamefeel to offer good gaming experiences. During my training and my practice, I developed many skills, such as 3C polish, ergonomics plus signs & feedback. I will enjoy using these skills in your projects.


I like programming, intervening as closely as possible in what makes the experience of a game. Getting neck deep in the code does not scare me! I take advantage of all opportunity I have to be a programmer and improve the UX (such as on Sapper) in the many projects I work on. Whatever tools I use, my goal remains the same: to deliver a good gaming experience.


I appreciate teamwork. I’m confortable speaking, with production tools (Google docs / slide / sheets, GitHub / sourcetree) and with formatting documents, I am always motivated to combine my know-how with that of talented people.


My vocation may be technical design, but I also like exploring a bit of everything. I made several games on my own (for example Le monde de Shayna or La maison perdue de l’Oncle Ernest ), which allowed me to develop a strong versatility, to know the constraints of other video game professions, and thus better communicate with the various production poles.